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Junior Cycle Assessment/Reports


Junior Cycle Reporting / Assessment

Survey Results

73% 0f respondents felt that grades should be given on work completed prior to school closure on March 12th. 27% felt that a grade should be given on work completed prior to closure and an assessment completed online.
Therefore, there will be no further assessment online. This is consistent with the advice given by management bodies as all students may not have equal access to online learning, activities and assessments.
The following report will be provided for each of our 3rd Year students:

School Report.
The school will provide a grade on learning achievements completed prior to school closure. The grade will take into account summer and Christmas exams, pre-exams, class tests, tasks, practicals , projects and classwork completed. The report will also contain a comment from the subject teacher and descriptors of Classroom Based Assessments completed.

Other Areas of Learning.
A report detailing the other areas of learning students engaged with while in Junior Cycle i.e extracurricular activities, clubs, sports etc.

A State Certificate of completion of Junior Cycle from the Department of Education and Skills.

Students should receive a State Certification that they have completed three years of Junior Cycle education in a number of subjects/priority learning units. This certification will be provided by the Department of Education and Skills. Students will receive this in early part of school year 20/21.

PDLS will complete the school elements of the report process over the coming weeks.

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