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Important update for return to school

Statement from Board of Management
The Board of Management of Presentation De La Salle College acknowledge the work of all staff in preparation for reopening our school. The following statement addresses some outstanding issues.
Face coverings
The ethos of CEIST schools asks us to show respect for every person in our caring school community and to act responsibly in all our relationships. The advice from the Department of Education on reopening schools is that face coverings should be worn. Therefore, the Board of Management state that it is a requirement that every student wear the appropriate cloth face covering. The Board recognises that in some cases students are unable to wear a cloth face coverings. In these instances, contact must be made with school management to arrange an alternative.
School Uniform
The Board is aware that no public health advice has been given regarding the daily laundering of uniforms. We do not want to put extra expense on families. Uniforms are important as they give school identity but are key in eliminating competition between students. Therefore, the Board expects that students will wear the school uniform. There will be instances where this may not be possible. In such circumstances we ask parents to contact the school.
School opening times
The school will be open as usual at 8:00 a:m.We recognise that students will arrive on buses and they will be facilitated in the school building. For students who are walking or being dropped off, we ask that you come to school as close to 8:55 as possible and go directly to the room for first class. Students will not be permitted to access lockers at this time (other times will be provided) and there will be no congregating on corridors/ base areas. Outside areas are available for students at all times.
COVID 19 Training
We recognise that some students are nervous about coming back to school. We look forward to seeing you all and are available to answer any questions. We want everyone to feel safe in our school community.Each student will get detailed training when they come in for induction. Please refer to all documents posted on website regarding return to school.

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